Checkup & Safety Programs

Senior Program

Our department maintains contact information for our senior residents. Several seniors are enrolled, and we keep their emergency contact information for family members on file here at the Brimfield Police Department so they may be contacted by us in case of a problem. If you are a senior resident or know someone who is, and would like to be enrolled in this program, please contact our department at 330-673-7716, 8:00AM-4:00PM Monday through Friday for more information.

Vacation House Watch

Are you going out of town on vacation? We now offer this public portal online option for our residents that allows you to safely and securely Submit Your Vacation Watch Request to BPD. Officers will check your residence as our call for service demands and staffing levels may permit. We check doors and windows, and look for anything suspicious. You will receive an email notification when your residence is checked.

Prescription Drug Drop Box

Residents of Brimfield Township can dispose of unwanted prescription drugs and medications 24/7 at the drop box located in the BPD lobby at 1287 Tallmadge Road PLEASE NOTE: No liquids, gels, or needles will be accepted.

Internet Purchase Exchange Location

The police department has established an "Internet Safety Zone" in the front parking lot of the police station at 1287 Tallmadge Road that residents can use to sell or buy things from internet websites. There is a green sign posted in the front parking lot area for a designated parking spot.

At Risk Residents Program 

To add your loved one's information to our program Submit Your At Risk Resident Enrollment to BPD. We will need the electronic form to be completely filled out along with a digital photo.

The Brimfield Police Department At Risk Registry is a secure database that is only accessible to law enforcement and emergency personnel. The database includes a photo, disability information, physical description, and emergency contact information. If a person in the At Risk Registry program is encountered alone by a police officer, or is reported missing, the officer can quickly access the database through the mobile computer in the police cruiser. With this information in hand, we can appropriately assist your loved one.

How the Program Works

In the event a registrant is contacted, the officer can access our database to identify the person and better assist them. If there is a match in our database, an emergency contact will be notified to let them know their loved one has been found. If a loved one enrolled in the At Risk registry goes missing, call 911 as soon as possible and inform the Dispatcher of the individual's enrollment in the Brimfield Police Department At Risk Resident program.

Who Can Enroll in the Program

Any child or adult who may have difficulty communicating due to a developmental or cognitive disability while lost, or in an emergency situation. These individuals tend to be at risk for wandering, and may include people with disabilities such as: Autism, Alzheimer's, Dementia, Down syndrome, Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), etc.. We ask that anyone enrolling an individual be either a family member, or legal guardian. All information is kept strictly confidential.